Inhimillinen IT-projekti - lataa opas

Why Sopivin 365?

We simplify your company’s day-to-day business

What does Sopivin 365 offer?

Sopivin 365 business platform enables adapted and fast solutions for your company’s data management. It replaces excels, paper forms and grid paper notebooks. We will harness the platform to support any business function exactly the way you want, for example.

  • Automatization of routine tasks
  • Smart organization, refinement and sharing of data
  • Automatic document creation, e.g. a smart offer at the touch of a button
  • Automatic alarms to email
  • Versatile user rights
  • Always a mobile system

With the help of Sopivin 365 business platform, you can boost operations, unblock bottlenecks, and implement different solutions to organise data and develop your business. For example:

Customer relations management (CRM)

Contract management

Project management and work hour reporting

Sales control and offer tool

Registers and databases

Industrial internet and data collection

Take control of data faster than ever

Organisations have several ways to store, share and handle data; cloud service systems, online excels, paper forms and yes, even those grid paper notebooks. For example, in many situations all customer related information is not even in the same place. Scattered data complicates data usability, creates unnecessary security risks and may even affect customer experience. Sopivin 365 is a solution for this.

How does it work?

We combine all the information you need into one interface and you can easily define different access rights to different sections. A system built with the Sopivin 365 business platform adapts to your company’s changing needs and it can easily be developed further. All data remains in your own Microsoft 365 environment and this makes Sopivin 365 a reliable and safe solution. You are freed from the jungle of excel sheets, unnecessary software, and their uncontrolled deployments throughout the organisation.

Always a solution built for need


An insightful and human IT project


A system that grows with your business

What do I need?

  • Technical requirements: Microsoft 365 environment for Sopivin 365 to utilise
  • Other requirements: Excitement to recognise new and better solutions, commitment to intensive but super-fast projects, and a nut to crack for us

Why Sopivin 365?

Thanks to the technology developed by us, Sopivin 365 projects are handled extremely fast, in a couple of weeks on even in a few days. For us the deployment of Sopivin 365 business platform is not a traditional IT project but a series of insights: during the project we build a customised system, which enhances quality, productivity and job satisfaction. Faster than anyone else.

See the big picture

See the big picture

Gather the separate pieces of information into totalities, which will steer your operations. One interface to control for example contracts, projects, sales or customerships.
Fix anything

Fix anything

Production, supplies, logistics, sales – what else? The functionalities are designed for your needs: reporting, automatic business offer creation or e.g. information sharing – the possibilities for automatizing workflows and tasks are endless.
A people’s IT project

A people’s IT project

Deployment of Sopivin 365 platform is not a traditional IT project. You are free to change your mind during the project and come up with new ideas afterwards, just like people often do. Our flexible way of working and agile system is built exactly for that.
As quick as a flash

As quick as a flash

IT projects traditionally take months to complete, but we do the same in a couple of weeks oreven in a few days. Faster than anyone else. We can implement new functionalities within hours.
Safe and cost-effective

Safe and cost-effective

Sopivin 365 platform solution is always built in the client’s own Microsoft 365 environment and the important information stays with you always. No need for additional servers or other infrastructure solutions.

Help in the beginning


We will help you to build the solution you need. You might have a clear picture of what you need, but it is also enough if you describe your activities and the challenges within. We will suggest a simplifying solution. Sometimes you may have more precise ideas only after the project has started, and that is also fine for us.

Sopivin 365 platform is always deployed with appropriate training.

Support when needed


Our support services guarantee that your system is always up to date and available.

Our helpdesk system operates with your own Microsoft 365 login information. It helps you in everyday usage, problem situations and system development.