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Our Company

The role of technology is to keep simple things simple.

Pilvilampi Software Oy is an insightful contributor to digital work and a strong Finnish Microsoft 365 expert. We help our customers to succeed in the rapidly changing business environment, in which the effective utilization of data is a key asset. We do it quicker than anyone else.


For us, the role of technology is to keep simple things simple. We believe that the right technology solution is the one which does not burden the organization nor build closed tunnels of thought and action. We invest in constant development of our business platform to be able to deliver customer projects quickly and simply leaving space for new insights to be put into action.


Our employees are experienced and committed ICT experts, between them decades of experience with Microsoft technology and ICT field. Our steadily growing company was founded in 2016 and it is AAA-rated.

Microsoft 365 expert seeking to enhance processes



By utilising our Sopivin 365 business platform, we will build solutions with our customer to enhance their performance or enable new procedures. We solve individual problems which slow down the performance or build a framework for your business.


Pilvilampi’s Sopivin 365 platform’s purpose is not just to produce software for software needs. It is there to produce inspiration for more efficient and convenient working. We are also developing our own business with Sopivin 365. This way we keep searching for better solutions for our customers and testing them in practise.

Key personnel

Kai Halonen

Chief Technology Officer


+ 358 44 3200 368

Pia Aspholm

Chief Executive Officer

+358 40 1284 894

Juuso Saikko

Project Manager

Maija Saikko

Project Manager

Mari Huuhka

Chief Business Officer

+358 44 530 1562

Juha Mäkelä

Senior Software Developer

Nico Kauppila

Senior Software Developer

Niko Lehtimäki

Software Developer