Inhimillinen IT-projekti - lataa opas

Westenergy Oy

  • toiminnan kokonaisvaltainen digitalisointi

Dumping the daily routines with business digitalisation

Westenergy wanted to renew their intranet solution, which was an outdated and unidirectional communication channel with deficient information retrieval features. The customer company wanted to develop a more information secure solution to support the company’s comprehensive business digitalisation.


We developed a solution for the customer with Sopivin 365 business platform, which has made their business more straightforward and automatized their mundane actions. Sopivin 365 retrieves data from different systems neatly under one user interface. The solution is a tailored whole, with a scope that took even the customer by surprise.


Sopivin 365 system adapts to the challenges of a business. We continue to develop Westenergy’s solution further together, as the usage in the customer company brings up issues that need to be brought up on the same platform to ease the business.

The new system offers the customer, inter alia


  • Automatized routine tasks
  • All the important data in one system
  • Functional search features
  • High-quality information security
Those ”why do I have to do this every day” things have been eliminated. Ploughing the sands has decreased and hence the employer satisfaction has improved.

Niklas Séren, project engineer, Westenergy Oy

Westenergy Oy Ab is a new generation circular economy company which refines waste into electricity, heat and recovered materials. Energy produced in the plant has a significant local impact in reducing the need for fossil fuels in energy production, and Westenergy produces about 42 % of the district heating needed in the Vaasa region. By producing material for earthwork and recycled metals and by participating actively in developing circular economy in the operation area, Westenergy is creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Business digitalisation