Inhimillinen IT-projekti - lataa opas

Kauhavan Vuokra-asunnot Oy

From separate excels into a coherent view of business

The customer received a Sopivin 365 business platform solution for controlling their rental apartment and property maintenance functions. Sopivin 365 has helped the customer to simplify their business activities.


With the help of the Sopivin 365 solution, the customer has more time to focus on new work assignments instead of routine tasks. As an example, transforming a rental apartment application automatically into a contract document significantly shortens the working time. A separate listing of vacant apartments or memorised information regarding them, is not needed as the application data is always up to date and available. The amount of redundant phone calls has decreased due to mobile access to fault reports and tenant contact information.

The new system needed to provide the customer with¬:

  • creation of rental agreement documents directly from the application
  • always up to date register of tenants
  • easy updating of vacant apartments on their website
  • fault reports that are forwarded straight to the property management
  • a fully mobile unity
Much of the unnecessary tapping on the computer can be forgotten when all the relevant things are included in the system. All the data which used to be handled in Word documents is now linked to their own objects. Previously the property management was controlled only with separate Excel tables which were extremely difficult to read and update. Now all the relevant and filterable data of the properties can be entered straight into a system which is available 24/7 for all the concerned parties.

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