Inhimillinen IT-projekti - lataa opas

Dometic Finland Oy

Prompt offers, secure deals

The customer company wanted to develop their sales process. Their process for preparing business offers was long and complicated and the customer wished to secure more deals by simplifying the process. The customer also wanted to revise their offer documents towards a smarter and simpler form. Sending the terms of agreement with the offer also needed to be secured as their absence might lead to misunderstandings between the supplier and the customer, which in return might even lead to a cancellation of the deal.


The customer received a customized Sopivin 365 business platform solution, which includes a CRM and sales management system, a product register, and a business offer generator. The whole project was finalized extremely quickly in three weeks as per the usual Pilvilampi’s procedure.

The new system needed to enable:


  • A straightforward creation of business offers, an offer to the customer on the same day
  • Smart and simple offer documents (pdf) to reflect the customer’s brand
  • Sending the terms of agreement with the offer -security for the supplier
  • Support for sales management with structured data
Even though the tool was originally designed for making offers, it developed into an extensive support for sales management, which generates statistics for the management team and helps to understand the reasons behind lost deals, which helps to develop the sales process.

Ville Urrila, CEO, Dometic Finland Oy

Sales managment